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Tanzania Single Origin - 1 bar

79 SEK

Tanzania 74%

We buy the cacao directly from a cooperative of about 2000 smallholder farmers committed to organic farming. The cacao grows in the Kilombero Valley bordering the Udzungwa Mountains, surrounded by highly fertile land, with good rainfall. The 2015 harvest has strong notes of dried figs and raisins as well as hints of red fruit and wood. It is well rounded with low astringency and a high natural sweetness.

Bean: Mainly trinitario, organic
Region: Kilombero valley in the Morogoro region
Fermentation: 6 days in wooden boxes, eucalyptus base. Turned day three and five.
Drying method: Sun dried on raised dry beds
Roast profile: Low roast

cacao, sugar
may contain traces of nuts and milk

70 g bar

Svenska kakaobolaget is one of the only bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Sweden. We travel around the world in the hunt for the best cacao. We buy it directly from the farmers giving them a fair pay. The chocolate is carefully made in small batches. The result is fair and traceable chocolate with distinct flavour profiles reflecting the different origins.