70% Sri Lanka - Matale coop-id

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A dark chocolate with savoury notes of herbs, oriental spices and black tea.

We are thrilled to have this rather unique cacao in our range and Matale Coop-id was the first coop we started to work with. 

Sprung from a microcredit initiative in 2009 Coop-id have grown to include 200 farmers. It has become one of the leading providers of the unique Ceylon aromatic cacao which can only be found in small quantities. The farms are located in central Sri Lanka in the area of Matale. Farming products include cocoa and spices. Everything grows in a mix creating a favourable ecosystem.

The cacao is first box fermented for 6 days, typically turned 3 times and dried on raised dry beds and with the help of wood fired ovens.

We have been working with Coop-id since 2013

Ingredients: Cacao, organic cane sugar. May contain traces of nuts and milk
50 gram per bar