SPECIAL EDITION: 70% BOURBON AGED CHOCOLATE - Öko Caribe, Dominican Republic

60 SEK

A dark chocolate made with cacao that we soaked and aged in bourbon whiskey. The result is a dark, slightly nutty chocolate with silky smooth notes of oak, honey and orange. The chocolate has a round and sweet character despite the percentage and without the alcoholic edginess. 

For this chocolate we use cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic.  Öko-Caribe is a well established fermentary in the Duarte province. The fermentary buys from neighbouring farms and ferments about 450 tonnes a year.  

The cacao is fermented i 4-tiered boxes for 5-6 days before they are dried in mesh covered decks and cement patios under greenhouse coverage.  

Öko Caribe maintains close relationships with its 165 farmers through technical training, in agronomic practices and organic certification. In addition, owners Adriano and Gualberto have personal relationships with all farmers, offering microfinance loans for cacao-related expenses, as well as personal loans for family emergencies or other community needs. We have been working with Öko-Caribe since 2018.

Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, bourbon whiskey.
May contain traces of nuts. 
50 gram per bar