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Peru Single Origin - 1 bar

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Peru 72%

We work directly with a cocoa and coffee cooperative of about 1200 farmers committed to organic farming. The cacao is a unique mix for the Amazonas. The beans can be recognized by being bigger than normal with a paper thin husk. The chocolate has notes of saffron and hints of exotic fruits.

Bean: Sweet amazonic, organic
Region: Lamas, northern part
Fermentation: Box fermented, 7 days
Drying method: Sun dried on raised dry beds
Roast profile: Interval roast, high and low


cacao, sugar
may contain traces of nuts and milk

70 g bar

Svenska kakaobolaget is one of the only bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Sweden. We travel around the world in the hunt for the best cacao. We buy it directly from the farmers giving them a fair pay. The chocolate is carefully made in small batches. The result is fair and traceable chocolate with distinct flavour profiles reflecting the different origins.