72% PERU - Ucayali River Cacao

59 SEK

A dark chocolate with elegant notes of rose, lychee and ground pepper. 


Silver medal in World Finals - International Chocolate Awards 2018

Silver medal in International Chocolate Awards - Bean to bar, Europe 2018

Ucayali River cacao (URC) is located near Pucallpa in the Amazonian part of Peru.

The beans are mainly a blend between the local variety Comun and four other Trinitario clones. With a high natural pulp content they are pre-drained before fermentation.  The wet cacao is bought from several farming communities in the Pucallpa and Tingo Maria areas and then transported to a central fermentation and processing station. The beans at fermented in paired boxes, turned back and forth for 5-6 days. They are later sundried in greenhouse tunnels on elevated tables. 

URC works together with USAID and Allianza Peru to give farmers a way out from the Coca industry. URC buys wet beans and pays an additional 10% premium for an equivalent amount of dry weight cacao. The farmers get a higher pay for less work which has made URC into a popular partner 

We began working with URC in late 2017 and the beans are bought directly from origin.

Ingredients: Cacao, organic cane sugar. May contain traces of nuts and milk

50 gram per bar