100% DARKNESS - Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

59 SEK

An extra dark chocolate with intensive notes of nuts, raisins and dried figs.

AWARDED: Bronze medal in International Chocolate Awards - Bean to bar, Europe

For the chocolate lover, our 100% bar made from one ingredient - cacao beans. In our version we haven't added any extra cacao butter which otherwise is common. We say - why add milk to the coffee when you can drink it black.

Darkness is an intense chocolate experience. It has a rather high acidity balancing the dried fruit notes in the cacao. For the chocolate lover who wants maximum out of the beans. We have roasted them super light in order not to get any roast notes, but rather the full flavor of the bean.


Kokoa Kamili works only with top quality beans, mainly of the trinitario variety. The operations of Kokoa Kamili are run in the small village of Mbingu in the Kilombero valley where the savannah meets the Udzungwa mountains. 

The cacao is box fermented. Typically six days with turns on day three and five. They are later sun dried on raised dry beds.

Kamili pays the farmers a premium for wet cacao and by buying wet cacao they can ensure a high quality consistency in fermentation and drying. For the farmers this also means less workload and greater compensation. We have been working with Kokoa Kamili since 2016. 

Ingredients: Cacao beans. May contain traces of nuts and milk

50 gram per bar