At Svenska Kakaobolaget (The Swedish Cacao Company) we have crafted Swedish bean to bar chocolate since 2013.

We are not your average chocolate maker.Our idea of chocolate and how it should be is many times the opposite of what the traditional chocolate industry thinks. As provocative as this can be to the establishment, our mission is not to produce the average anonymous chocolate bar. We are dedicated to finding cacao with amazing flavors that will result in delicious, unexpected chocolate.

Our starting point is great cacao beans, full of natural, and distinct flavors, and we see it as our job to bring them out in the chocolate we make. That is why we slow roast our beans in small batches and keep ingredients to a minimum. We do not compromise when it comes to the taste and purity of our chocolate.

We travel around the world to find extraordinary cacao and we work with producers who share our values and view on quality.

We do not certify our chocolate but ensure by other means that the beans are organic, that the price is fair and that the working conditions are good. Working in a fully transparent way, you can follow every step of our process from the beans at origin to the chocolate in your hand.

Discover for yourself how flavorful every bite can be. Our hope is that you will find our chocolates truly surprising.